Text-lock is a padlock that can be unlocked from your mobile phone.

I run my own designer handbag business from home and with a text-lock I can have my clients' orders collected and my suppliers products delivered 24 x 7 to my text-lock secured box positioned by my front door - even when I am not there.



This gives me the freedom to go out and meet more customers and keep better personal relations with my suppliers and designers.

I can even go out and have a coffee with my friends and family whenever I like without hanging around for my parcel service.

When I want to go to the gym or for a swim I set up the delivery/collection on my signature server with the tracking number/purchase order number and its all done for me, the driver just needs to send a sms text message to the server on the national number with the corresponding tracking number and it immediately gives him access to my parcel box.

My text-lock is so easy to use and it can all by done from my mobile phone or browser.

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