Text-lock Technologies has quickly become one of the leading providers of convergence based gsm/3g network and information technology solutions and consulting.

Our engagements focus on helping clients align IT investments with practical business strategy, reducing costs, and bridging the technology gap between emerging mobile machine technologies and their implementation.

With a focus on machine to machine remote access control, machine monitoring, reporting, alerting, alarming, action and control meshed with server based secure audit trails based on commands across the existing mobile gsm/3g networks.

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text-lock padlock

A padlock that can be operated remotely by mobile phone, PC or other gsm/3g sms capable or internet connected device. An electronic signature of anyone using or requesting access can be logged. This system is perfect for unmanned deliveries, collections or to allow someone access to a secured area. Because there is no keyway it is virtually impossible to crack or pick, and therefore far more secure than traditional locks. Perfect for where a power supply is not avaialble or for temporary or short term deliveroies, collections or access events. See the features of the text-lock padlock here...


text-lock remote control module

A remote control module which can be integrated into any exiting electric lock to allow access to secure areas such as store rooms. The authorised operator can send text commands from a PC or mobile phone or device to activate the electic lock and allow access. It can be configured to leave an audit trail to log the where, when, by whom and for how long the access event was.


text-lock locker

A remote controlled locker which can contain several keys. Ideal for where there are several secure areas which are normally unmanned but need to be accesses from time to time on an ad-hoc basis. Can be configured to track individual keys and log removal and return with a date and time stamp in real time for the ultimate security, control and auditing.


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