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We have our own text-lock products such as our sms operated padlock, sms operated lock control module sms signal machine monitor and heat pump controller.

text-lock Technologies can also offer bespoke business solutions wherever benefits to production or operational work flows can be identified using our remote gsm or 3g sms communication control platforms.

We are committed to our core values; business integrity, strong ethical practices and complete customer satisfaction.

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Global Control Systems for Mobile Communications.
Text-lock Technologies has quickly become one of the leading providers of convergence based gsm/3g network and information technology solutions
and consulting. Our engagements focus on helping clients align IT investments with business strategy, reducing costs, and bridging the gap between
emerging technologies and their adoption.

With a focus on machine monitoring, reporting, alarming, auditing actioning and control based on sms commands across the gsm/3g network.

Remote control gsm sms text message lock and padlock. You can use your mobile phone to unlock a door box or secure area by sending an sms text message with a coded command to operate the catch.

Remote control sms text based control module for allowing acces. Uses the gsm and 3 gsm networks to transmit control commands using short message service, sms, text facility on gsm mobile phone, or iphone, blackberry or other mobile device that can connect to the gsm 3gsm mobile network. This remote control sms text module can be interfaced into any existing electric lock mechanism, such as a card access door system similar to those found on hotel doors, or edge locks on gates or doors and so on.

This system is designed to make the delivery and collection of goods simple even when you are away from the location where the goods are to be delivered or collected.

Mobile phones are perfect for this as these days most people carry a mobile phone with them almost all of the time.

gsm and 3gsm sms text machine monitoring, text alerts, event and incident alerting, recording and reporting using signaltext3000


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