Q. How do I make my phone communicate with my new text-lock?

A. Whether you have a text-lock padlock, remote control module or key locker you must insert a sim card into your text-lock and just like your mobile phone your text-lock now has a unique identity and number which can receive commands via text messages from a GSM mobile phone or from a personal computer.

Q. Do I have to be on a specific network to make my text-lock work?

A. You can purchase a sim card from any of the mobile networkproviders.

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Q. Can I operate my text-lock abroad?

A. Your new text-lock will work anywhere in the world, and you can send commands from your mobile anywhere in the world - you just have to make sure that your text-lock is in an area that receives network coverage from the mobile service provider who provides the sim card.

Q. Can I use my existing mobile to operate the text-lock?

A. You can register any mobile as the primary key when you set up your new user account once you have purchased your new text-lock.

Q. How many different mobile phones can I register with authority to operate my text-lock?

A. Once you have registered your text-lock on the signature server You have the option to add up to five mobile phones to operate the text-lock and receive alerts if the text-lock has been opened or tampered with.

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Q. What happens if someone tries to force the lock open?

A. The text-lock has the option to send an sms message to your phone and up to five nominated other mobile phones and five email addresses if anyone tries to force the lock or tamper with the enclosure in any way.

Q. How do I make my new text-lock recognize my mobile phone as the primary key for unlocking?

A. When you purchase your text-lock it will come with its own unique identity number. You must then open a new account on the text-lock central signature server with your own user name and password. You can do this via any web browser from a pc or mobile device. When you have opened your new account you must register the unique text-lock number, the text-lock sim card number and the primary mobile unlock phone number and up to four others, these could be friends or family or other work colleagues.

Q.- Do I have to pay to open my account?

A. To open the account is free and if you only ever open your text lock directly from your mobile phone only cost will be the cost of a text-message from your phone to open the lock.

Q. Why is there a payment gateway on the text-lock central signature server?

A. You can select various alert and logging and unlock protocols to make your text-lock a much more sophisticated beneficial tool for both business and personal convenience and security. Each function relys on the text-lock central signature server sending text commands and logging events, there are the costs of sending the text commands and keeping the logs which must be covered.

Q. Will I have to pay for a text to be sent to all five phone numbers and email addresses every time there is an action?

A. You can turn on or off all functionality at your central signature server account, or restrict it to just one number or one email account and so on.

Q. What is the cost of the texts generated by the central signature server?

A. Each text generated by the signature server is slightly higher than your normal domestic rate at just 30p/text.

Q. How easy is it to communicate with the central signature server?

A. The number for the central signature server is the same for every text-lock user in the world.

Q.- I want to arrange for DHL to collect a parcel from a box I have secured by my text-lock but I will be in the swimming pool around the time I expect them to make the collection, how can I do this?

A. First you must select the option plan which enables this feature. Then just log the unique DHL tracking number on your signature server account, and the driver can text the signature server with your text-lock number and the same unique tracking number and the signature server will open the lock for you and the driver.

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Q. How do I organize a delivery?

A. In exactly the same way as you would a collection. By logging the tracking number or transaction number of the parcel service delivering your package on your signature server account before you expect the driver to arrive.

Q. What happens if somebody else gets hold of the tracking number after the delivery has been made, will it be possible for that person to access the signature server and open the lock?

A. When the delivery has been made the driver must confirm it has been delivered and the lock secured. This message will cancel that tracking number so it cannot be re-used in the unlikely event that another party came into knowledge of the tracking number.

Q - What happens if the parcel service driver or anyone that has just used the text-lock forgets to re-lock my secure box/area?

A - The text-lock has intelligence that after a reasonable delay after opening, will sense this and will send him a text (via the signature server) to re
mind him to secure the lock again - this is all recorded on your signature server log for later reference if so required.

Q. Does the signature server keep a record of all phones that attempt to use the service?

A. That it why the central server is called the signature server because each phone that uses the service leaves unique mark which is logged and recorded, so that anybody attempting to abuse the system can be easily traced.

Q, -How secure is my new text-lock?

A. text-locks are un-crack able, unlike a traditional padlock that can be picked, the text lock relies on a unique authorized telephone to send an unlock command without the phone it is impossible to unlock the text-lock.

Q. What happens if someone steals my phone?

A. It is still highly unlikely that the thief will be able to contact the text lock as he would need to know the unique sim number of the text-lock too never store this in your directory, unless it is well disguised. You can also quickly change the registered phone number from your user account on the central signature server?

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Q. What happens if I lose signal or my phone is switched off?

A Using the signature server with the unique tracking number, it is the server that sends the unlock message. The central signature server is always available so the parcel service driver gets the text-lock unlocked almost immediately after the request to do so.

Q. The text-lock seems to be a fairly sophisticated piece of electronic equipment will I damage it if I drop it?

A. The text lock is embedded technology and has a high impact tolerance and protection jacket.

Q. What happens if the battery runs low in my text-lock?

A It will automatically text you to say that the battery level is getting low, but you will still have several days to re-charge it before it completely runs down.

Q. If I still am unable to re-charge my text-lock before the battery completely discharges all its power will the text-lock unlock?

A. The text-lock will remain in the locked state until you can access the guarded recharge port for re-charging, once you have a little charge back in the internal lithium battery, the text-lock can be activated again as normal.

Q. Can I operate several text-locks from the same phone?

A. There is no limit to the number of text-lcoks can be operated by the same phone.

Q.- How can somebody request to have my text-lock opened for example if a gardener wants my to open a gate that is secured with a text-lock?

A. It is a good idea to have the text-lock serial number (not the sim number) and the central signature server number visible near or on your text-lock so that anyone can make a request the server will text your mobile with this request and youo cn either just send the unlock command or ring the requester to discuss the situation before giving access.


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