text-lock: key locker

text-lock key locker is perfect for where you have a conventional lock/door configuration where it would be difficult, inconvenient or inappropriate to alter that configuration but where to have the facility to allow remote access to that area would be beneficial.

Also the text-lock key locker is ideal where there are multiple locked doors in a close area and it is simpler and less expensive to either integrate a text-lock control module on each door or the text-lock padlock is a less appropriate solution. Uses the same sms text message command technology over a variety of existing 3g or gsm mobile phone networks

Constructed out of hardened steel, the text-lock key locker can be securely mounted to an immovable object such as the wall of a building. There is a mains cable which needs to be connected to a suitable power supply . Make sure the power cable is hidden. Check on your mobile phone that there is adequate mobile network strength (preferably with the same network as the sim card that must be inseted into the locker reader) before you position the locker in its permanent location.

Whenever you need to allow anybody access to an area normally secured with a lock which has the key contained within the text-lock locker, send the unlock signal from your mobile phone or PC, for example to pick up a collection, or for somebody to leave a delivery of goods.

As with the text-lock padlock and the text-lock control module, you must first register your text-lock locker on the signature server. Once registered you have the option to enhance your security and convenience settings from the menu on your signature server account.

For example you can choose automatic unlock, tracking, timer etc.

Text-lock locker can also be purchased where each key has its own microswitch and tracking log.

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