text-lock padlock, control module and remote locker applications:

All text-locks are security locks manufactured to the highest standard to prevent tampering, to keep your goods safe until an authorised person sends the command for the door to be opened and access allowed. The basis of all our systems to to allow remote controlled access for the convenience of not having to be at the same location at the time access is required.

Amongst other things Text-lock is already working with partners on applications ranging from the delivery and collection of general parcels, the delivery of school exam papers to remote locations, pharmaceuticals, betting coupons, bicycle hire, pleasure boat waste water management and the securing of Road trailers. The following are examples of where text-lock systems may be implemented.

Good strong secure boxes such as this one illustrated here are secured in the locked position by the text-lock.

The text-lock itself is safely tethered by means of a strong chain to an immovable object such as a concrete wall which prevents anybody taking the box away.

Such boxes are ideal for both private and business use, ideal for taking deliveries and collections from ebay, supermarkets, Amazon and any other retailer, online or otherwise.

If you run a business from home you can use a box like this for all your deliveries and collections giving you time to go out and find more lucrative contracts or suppliers.

Tough general purpose 180l. box, ideal for parcels or grocery deliveries.

Many people now run a small business from home during the evening while maintaining a day job. A text-lock used with a strong box or store is perfect for enabling day to day efficient secure running of your home business without compromising your position with your employer.

You can relax and perform in your day job without the worry of missed deliveries or collections or having to rely on favours from friends or family or even paying somebody to carry out the every day necessary logistics of keeping abreast of deliveries and timely collections for your customers.

Small stores such as these are ideal to set up as delivery / collection ports within larger companies for more targeted deliveries and making for more efficient deployment of personnel.

If you run a business from home you may find a similar store to this ideal for having your stock delivered and your orders collected.


If you buy your groceries on line from one of the big supermarkets, currently you must meet the driver to take delivery of your order. This may mean that you have to make a special journey to receive your goods, or adjust your plans where without this commitment you could have stayed on at work for that important meeting, gone to the gym, met up with your friends or colleagues for a drink after work and so on.

With your signature server all you need to do is set up the delivery with the order number.

When the delivery arrives at your secure drop off point the driver texts your text-lock serial number with the order number to the signature server and the server will open the lock for the driver for you, keeping a record of his number.

When he closes the lock again after leaving your order safely in the box, he must then confirm he has made the delivery. You will be notified of this by text.

You can be in a busy noisy bar, swimming or engaging in any other work or leisure activity, even if you are out of signal or have your phone switched off the delivery will still be made without delay or any other problem.

If you include frozen goods in your normal grocery order, you may want to consider an insulated box. Alternatively a standard box would be fine, and just put the frozen goods in a smaller polystyrene box which in turn is placed in a standard box along with the other goods.

An insulated box such as the one illustrated here is ideal for taking fresh or frozen food deliveries such as those from supermarkets or deliveries to restaurants, pubs and bars.

Many people already have a garden shed, garage or outhouse which will provide the ideal combination when used with a text-lock to enable people to collect goods or have goods delivered.

Maybe you have things like gardening equipment that you enjoy lending to your neighbors, this becomes very simple if you can allow anybody to enter your shed wherever you are.

Villa owners will be familiar with the constant problem of allowing access to agents, trades-people and even tenants to the garden or the villa itself. Text lock is ideal for enabling these events from abroad safely and securely while maintaining a log of exactly who has been where and when.

Allow access to your holiday home for pool and garden maintenance, letting agents, trades-people and even renters.

Garden sheds, garages and out-houses.

You may have workmen who need to be able to access taps, meters, electrical switches, fuel tanks, valves etc. in a remote places.

For instance a farmer’s irrigation valve. This valve would need to be secured, as tampering could result in large quantities of lost water and the consequential financial loss. The valve can be operated after unlocking by using a text-lock. This would be particularly useful where the farmer uses rotational or changing contract workers, preventing the need to issue and record the distribution of keys and the obvious inherent risks this carries.

If your business relies on the distribution of palletized goods you can now secure a pallet with a chain for collection 24 hours per day 7 days per week.


Text lock is ideal for locking remote access chambers, taps, valves, fuel tanks or meters etc.

Text-lock is a great way to control access from one secure area to another. Perfect for large industrial sites where there is a lot of contract labour and the distribution of keys is time consuming, costly, carries many different security risks and difficult to monitor. Text-lock is also very useful for farmers for allowing access to different machinery or grain stores in different parts of the farm. Farmers will also find this device very useful for when they need to leave farm implements outside. Ideal for allowing access in schooles, council sites, sports arenas and centers etc.

A safe efficient way to secure different fenced areas within, amongst other things large industrial sites, sports arenas and centers, schools, council sites and so on.


Great for bicycle rental etc. – track the rental by contract mobile phone.

The GSM operated sms text-lock is great for locking individual bicycles, or even bike rental bays. The system can be configured to only allow operation by access requesters only with contract telephone accounts. This system makes it very easy to hire items such as bicycles without the worry of the item being stolen as the renter can be easily traced by his mobile phone signature. This also allows for implementing a simple billing platform by utilising the existing mobile phone account.

Storage facilities such as those offered by Big Yellow have become very popular and are now available right across the country. Also now used as work units ranging from small offices to recording studios

Secure your unit with a text-lock and you can organize access to third parties from home or work. These storage facilities have become popular with entrepreneurs and start ups to provide low cost premises.


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