About us :

Calyenty SC is the parent company, based in Spain, the company is a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality swimming pool and domestic hot water and central heating heat pumps. We utilise the latest technology to produce heat units that can multiply the equivalent calorific heat output from a power input by up to 7:1.

Text-lock was created as a sub division of Calyenty as a result of a remote control sms control modulefeature that we developed for our range of heat pumps.

Many of our swimming pool heat pump customers have swimming pools in second homes. For example Gert from Holland lives and works most of the time from The Hague, but frequently travels to his villa on the Costa Brava to enjoy a weeks holiday or a short break or long weekend.

We thought it would be useful for such customers if they could switch their pool heater on or off remotely while away from the villa.

For example Gert finds he has a couple of extra days holiday and decides to take a long weekend at the villa, and his wife and children always prefer to swim in a warm pool, so would like to make sure the pool water is heated for when they arrive.

We researched the main purchase driver criteria required to make such a product a reality for Gert and other similar property owners, and we discovered these were convenience and cost.

Most people now have a mobile phone as a constant companion wherever they are - and GSM networks via which mobile phones and other mobile devices communicate, cover most parts of the developed world. To be able to use the sms texting facility available in all mobile phones as the standard command device for such a product, seemed a good choice to cover the convenience criteria. Also the requisite technology components in this sector are now available at affordable prices.

We have now developed the DVT SMS 1.0 which is the product that remote pool owners require as a simple gsm sms text message switch device which is now working perfectly and is available and being used by many of our pool heat pump customers.

This new product allows them to switch their heater on or off by sending a simple coded sms text message from their mobile phone.

We have already added some more features to the sms text switch which enables the operator to now change the set temperature on the heat pump controller. For example, Gert at the last minute is unable to travel but the rest of the family has gone on ahead and are now enjoying some time at the villa. The only problem is that the children would prefer the pool water to be a little warmer as the weather has turned cool. Gert never allows the children to enter the pool house because the dangerous pool chemicals are stored there, and his wife is shopping with her friends. No problem, Gert now has the capability to increase the pool temperature by sending a simple coded text sms message from his mobile phone to the sms text switch attached to his pool heater.

Later in the week the children are back on the phone asking for more heat in the pool water, because they claim the water is freezing, Gert can now send another coded text message to the gsm controller switch and get a status report with the date and time in real time sent back from the controller sms switch on the heat pump to his mobile phone. This will tell him whether the heat pump is running or not and what the current exact temperature is - accurate to 0.1 degree C. It will be at this point that Gert decides either to give the water more temperature or to ask the children to start thinking about the size of Gerts electricity bill and be content bathing in a pool with water at 30 degrees C!!

GSM networks now have excellent coverage in most developed regions across the world and co-operate across borders and networks so the ability to send a text message from anywhere to anywhere using the GSM blanket coverage is possible, quick and reliable.

One of the features that we built into the device is that when a command is sent to the gsm switch, the controller sends a sms text message back from the switch to confirm that the command has been received and actioned.

Text-lock is now developing the technology and functionality that has been built into the original sms text message switch heat pump controller into new products where remote control or monitoring provides useful functionality and benefits to processes, systems, services and products.

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